Sunday, October 12, 2008

Event Flyer, 2008


This is an event flyer for WA Orchid Spectacular 2008. It's a single sided A5 flyer, containing all essential details about the floral exhibition.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Recipe Card, 2008

Aussie Sweet Heart Recipe Card 3-1     Aussie Sweet Heart Recipe Card 3-2

These are the two A6 recipe cards for “Australian Sweetheart” strawberry campaign in Asia, for Ti Produce Marketing Pty Ltd. They are recipe card that presented on over the point of sale, allowing customer to grab a copy while shopping for a punnet of strawberry.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Bowl Noodle, 2007

Carls Cite - Big Bowl Noodle (Corporate Identity) This was a corporate logo done back in 2007. The logo was developed upon the client request, in terms of colour, look and feel. The logo and the the selected theme had been resonance onto the business cards, signage, uniforms and even been mention on the shop-front design for it’s franchise.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mobile Universe, 2006

This is a quick job for a mate. He needed a new business card and had tried himself to design a layout, until seeking me for further design assistant.

This piece of design not only to present the contact details of the business personal, but also to demostrate it's associated telecomunication company. hence to incorporate the idea drived from the busines name "Mobile Universe", here comes the design.

My friend was pretty happy with this design, an no further amendment required before he sent it to print.

Clysdale Limo Service Stationary Range, 2007

This is one of the earliest job that I did to create a logo for a horse-pull cart limo service that based in York, a country town in the north of Perth.

The design process had taken a fair while before the client had settle down with a direction to head to. After that it's only a matter of layout wise design to place the logo onto the stationary range.

This project had given me an opportunity to explore my illustration skill as well as it's the first fee-paying logo design job since I start doing freelancing.

Ti Horticultural Business Card, 2006

This project is to design a business cards based on a given logo. This is a company of a friend, who does willing to give me a try on. The design was simple to maintain the professionalism of the business, but also adding hints to remind the audience of this piece about the industry.

Panel are used to give the over all layout a strong base, which often appear in my design for corporate items.

This business card are done upon the request of clients, and it had turn out to be a piece of work that I does agreed with....not in the flair of design, but it's functionality.

Quee Doll Design, 2006

This is one of the self direct project. It is to design a personalized Quee Doll as collectible items.

Many had goes to the extend of designing it based on the in trend design, usually based on street or pop culture, or even dress it to mimic a certain character. But I still stayed on the same path of my style, with the flair on Asian influences. It wasn't a successful assignment, but it was one of my favorite that demonstrate my personality.

The floral pattern was derived from Orchid, and with the selection of high contrast between the purple and black background, the Quee doll had become an alternative canvas for such artistic expression of the pattern. It is often seems on fine China where floral pattern are often used to decorate the surface.

Mid Autumn Festival Poster, 2004

Art Direction - Mid Autumn Fesitival PosterThis poster was done with a limited amount of time, by just using Adobe Photoshop. I belive the main focal of this poster is thet "centralized" text. The fairly and the moon draws the attention towards the centre, the rest of the text compliments the design, also providing essesntial information for the promoted event.

Thought to many it might just a piece of naive work, but till today, I still find that serve it's purpose well.

Pasar Malam Poster, 2006

This project was to create a series of promotional items for the multicultural week of Curtin University. This poster was among the lot that demostrate my style the most.

As literally the word "Pasar Malam" (Night Market) was taken from the "Malay" words, I had incorporate most of the Malay influence into it. Clearly you could see that it was based on a "batik" (Waxed outline and coloured dyed)pattern. Incorporating also the selection of the "evening colour" to represent the usual time that it took place.

The name "Pasar Malam" had also been translated into different language and placed as a watermark shadow, it is to show the divers cultural that a night market would be.