About Me

Design had always been my passion. I believe everyone love better and pretty things, which not only having the aesthetic appeal, but works. Coming from a structured engineering background, I do not think fall into the messy and disorganized designer stereotype. I backed my design works with good rationales and solid skill, which had been my most valuable tool of trade.

I constantly sought for better way to resolute problems encountered during my design process; while still maintain it fundamental function of a piece. Creativeness comes from within, but it’s the functionality of a design piece that counts; hence it is why I am a creative designer, not entirely an artist.

Design exists in our everyday life, and I not only appreciate, but also learn from them. No doubt everyone can be a designer, but it’s the skill and rationale behind it that set us apart.


This blog exist to show case my works, and also to replace the long gone ‘www.carlscite.com’.

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