Thursday, April 5, 2012

“CARL’s CITE | CO Graphic” now having a home in the WWW! 2011-9-27 11-36-4
After such a long while, I have finally reclaim back the “” domain from the illegal parkers, and having some renovation done for relaunch! Please drop by to visit to have a browse, and please do not hesitate to put forward any enquires towards my work. They’re there for your viewing and comment.
Carl ONG.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Magazine Layout Design – “ChungWah Magazine” Vol.4 & 5, Jan & March 2012

A4 Magz - ChungWah Magazine - Cover   CWM-Vol5-Cover

It had been another two issue of ChungWah Magazine being published during this period of time. These two issue heavily loaded with information related to the Chinese New Year 2012 and the Perth’s Celebration of this occasion.

The slight change on the content direction and packed with more goodies in the magazine had been a great challenge for my design works. Further more the lack of design times (the two magazine had back to back falls on before and after my 1 month holiday aboard) had squeeze me a fair bit, although the quality is maintained and not compromised.

If you wish to take a peep of my work, you may download the copy of the magazine in PDF from the link below.

The next issue will be release in May, packed with more information and visual design challenge that had been accomplished, so stay tuned.