Saturday, February 26, 2011

iiNet BoB Packaging



Packing design for BoBTM, a wireless modem with VoIP design exclusively for iiNet. I was involved in the design of the packaging, but resulted in the simplest form of plain black packaging with ‘BoB’ mentioned in the centre. The packaging include the box for the modem and the VoIP handset, together with a cardboard sleeve with gross finish to enclose both items. This is also part of the branding exercise for ‘BoB’ for it’s marketing campaign, portraying it as a desirable items (black is elegance).


BoBTM User Manual

As part of the BoBTM Branding, the user manual of BoBTM is also done within the same design style. It was one of my challenging task to create a better PDF browsing experience for a manual, that allowed both on-screen and print-out conveniences. The PDF created is pressed onto the start-up-disc, with interactive links to all relevant pages / site.

The following are the screen shot from the PDF, (From Top Left: Front Cover, Content Page, Leader Page, Glossary Page, Back Cover)

BoB-User-Manual-Sample-1  BoB-User-Manual-Sample-2  BoB-User-Manual-Sample-5  BoB-User-Manual-Sample-68  BoB-User-Manual-Sample-71

An online copy of the PDFs can be found here (approx. 15.5MB), please feel free to experience the browsing conveniences made available on this PDF.